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Interesting facts about Mexico

published: 30 sep 2018

In Mexico you can check into a hotel without your passport. Often you’ll be asked to write down your name, in a journal. Even without the number of your passport. This happens in many hotels. And only in rare occucasions you’ll be required to show your passport.

Cheese is everywhere.

American cars, american trucks are also ubiquitous.

Whereas motorbikes are not, unlike in Asia.

Men and women kiss in public places. And I love this! Finally! In Asia and SouthEast Asia kissing in public is considered too liberal.


One hack to help you make sense of some chinese writing

published: 10 sep 2018

It works only when both these requirements meet: a) there’s more than 1 sentence or phrase b) there’s a translation to English, and c) the same word is contaned in both sentences.

I saw a nameplate in Hong Kong:

nameplate in hong kong

These 3 last chinese symbols denote “tribunal” in English. And the first 2, logically, “lands” and “labour”, respectively.


Cambodia is changing. And not necessarily for the better

published: 16 jul 2018

Cambodia has been chinified. Chinese are everywhere. A couple years ago there were only a handful of them - this is not the case anymore.

They’ve built that big building in the center that has illumination on it and looks like it’s made of gold.

Golded building in Phnom Penh

There’re many more projects going on. In addition to this, I’ve seen a drug store run by chinese in the center of Phon Pehn.


Girls in Malaysia

published: 11 mar 2018

I’ve been to Malaysia some 20-30 times already. I usually spend 1-2 weeks here. I like the local indian food in Little India, and some other things.

When it comes to girls, Malaysia is similar to India. There’s shortage of them, everywhere prevail men. On the street everywhere is men, men, men…. The girls that can be approached on the street are rare. That is, girls that aren’t wearing hijab, are walking alone, aren’t pure malaysians and indians. Namely, a girl usually should be Malaysian Chinese. However, they also tend to hang out only with local men.

In addition to that, most of them won’t talk to you. I believe that this is due to the rules of their society. If in Thailand you’ll see farangs with local girls on a daily basis – normal girls, not prostitutes – in Malaysia it’ll take you a year to see a local girl with a white man.





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