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From Colombia to Brazil, one cheap route

published: 22 jan 2019

In South and Central America it’s often the case that flights from one country to a neighbour country may cost several times more than between the countries that are located way futher from each other. The flights Colombia-Peru, for instance, cost approximately the same of money as Mexico - Peru.

From Colombia to Brazil the tickets cost approximately $300-400. What if you want to go cheaper, what can you do? There’s one route somebody told me about. Thanks to the fact that Colombia and Brazil share the border in Amazonas, the route is this:

Colombia/Leticia –> crossing the border by land, on foot –> Brazil/Tabatinga –> Manaus

the border of Colombia and Brazil


Muchachas in Colómbia are gorgeous

published: 29 nov 2018

Girls in Colombia and Venezuela are the most beautiful ones I’ve seen so far. There’re different kinds of them: white, white with freckles, brown, black, niggers. I didn’t expect to see niggers here. And those are natural niggers that you’d see in Africa.

I imagine that in Brazil and Argentina I’ll see as much beautiful girls as I do in Colombia.


Green and pure jueces in Cancún

published: 21 nov 2018

Green and fresh juices in Mexico city are prepared and sold on the streets. Nothing can be more natural and fresh. In the morning people go the their jobs and buy those. The price is 1 USD or less.

In Cancún they’re more difficult to find: they cost more or water is added to them or they are kept in a refrigerators due to hot climate.

Green jueces in Cancún


Interesting facts about Mexico

published: 30 sep 2018

In Mexico you can check into a hotel without your passport. Often you’ll be asked to write down your name, in a journal. Even without the number of your passport. This happens in many hotels. And only in rare occucasions you’ll be required to show your passport.

Cheese is everywhere.

American cars, american trucks are also ubiquitous.

Whereas motorbikes are not, unlike in Asia.

Men and women kiss in public places. And I love this! Finally! In Asia and SouthEast Asia kissing in public is considered too liberal.





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