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The brazillian girls - 10 out of 10

published at: 27 may 2019
dateline: rio de jeneiro, brazil

Among the countries in Latin America I’ve been to, and not in Latin America too, I’d give the brazillian girls 10 out of 10 for their appearence. They’re usually tall, sexy and with big forms. With nice faces as well. And with tatoos. Among them you’ll find white, brown, black ones. They wear sexy underwear – strings. At last! And it seems that they’re also open enough to talk. I believe that most of them don’t speak English. For me, this is a good thing – less competition with those foreigners who speak only English. Athough, I don’t speak Portuguese yet.

For pickup Brazil offers awesome environment.

Nonetheless, I’ve not been in the mood to approach them. I haven’t talked to anyone yet. Why not? Partly because I’ve been focused on my business, trying to get up from the ground. Partly because 9 months in Latin America in other countries have made rusty in respect to pickup.

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