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One big plus of Thailand for digital nomads

published at: 20 may 2019
dateline: rio de jeneiro, brazil

One huge plus of Thailand for long term staying, and for digital nomads, is ability to find a private room with ease. Find it on one’s own, with no effort. For $150-300 one can find a room in a condominimum in Phattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Samui… In Bangkok the rooms are usually rented out for a half a year at minimum, while in the rest of the country for a month.

phuket, thailand room

It’ll be a private, decent room, with a private bathroom. You can do whatever you want in it, come and leave whenever you want to. And enjoy a great deal of privacy.

After having travelled through Latin America for 9 months, I’ve come to realize and appreciate that trait of Thailand. In Latin America I’ve gotten accustomed to fucking hostels. Although, AirBnB makes it easier, but not often. AirBnB as a rule doesn’t give you privacy for $15-20/day. That is, you’ll still have to meet an owner or his family daily or share bathroom with them.

It’s not always so. Normally, however, it is. In Mérida, Mexico I was lucky to find a great room. It was a physically separate room, or even a small house on itself, with a bathroom. And the owner would come to visit once in a few days. The price was also cheap – around $12/day.

merido mexico room

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