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How a confirmed airline ticket can be canceled by airline several days after a puchase

published at: 05 apr 2019
updated at: 07 apr 2019
dateline: mexico city, mexico

While in Mexico, I bought a ticket from Iberia “Mexico - Spain - Morocco”, in Spain there would be a transfer. A ticket was confirmed, I received a confirmation number. I purchased it from the website of Iberia using my bank debit card. The money was deducted from my account. No ploblem so far.

After 2 days I received an email from Amadeus titled “Your flight confirmation”. In was in plain text format. The first part of it re-confirmed the information of my flight. “Nothing interesting” - I thought. However, there was a note in the bottom to which I turned a blind eye.

In the day of the flight I arrived to the airport and discovered that my ticket had been cancelled. I called to the hot line of Iberia and they told me that there was a problem with my bank card, my bank, they told me, marked the transaction as a fraud one. Later, after having called to my bank, I find out that my bank didn’t so. Therefore, it was Iberia that decided that the transaction was a fraud. After 2 days.

It’s funny: how can the ticket get confirmed, money deducted and then, after 2 days, the ticket get cancelled?

The note section in the email from Amadeus… I noticied it after a few days from the day when my flight was supposed to happen, it read:

canceled ticket

Ironically, even in this email it says “confirmed”.

Why is the date “31 of December” - I have no idea, the flight was for the end of March, a week after the purchase. The confirmation number was correct.

Notheless, around a week later I received my money back. Remarkably, first I had to send an official claim to my bank via email. Then the money was returned. But $40 missing from the whole sum. I emailed my bank again. After several more days the problem was solved completely. Happy end.

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