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Coffee-shops Juan Valdéz in Colombia

published at: 06 jan 2019
dateline: cartagena, colombia

Juan Valdéz is a chain of coffee-shops in Colombia. It’s my favourite one.

They have WiFi, tasty coffee and, often, power sockets. What else would a digital nomad need?

juan valdez cafeteria en medellin

A funny thing: I spent a few hours in one of those in the airport after I arrivied to Colombia for the first time, without being aware of it.

1-2 weeks later I found another Juan Valdéz in Bogotá, and since then I’ve been going almost only to Juan Valdéz.

These coffeeshops are well-known in Colombia, many locals would be able to tell you where the nearest Juan Valdéz is located.

If you’re picky when it comes to coffee, you’ll like it.




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