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Cambodia is changing. And not necessarily for the better

published at: 16 jul 2018
dateline: phnom penh, cambodia

Cambodia has been chinified. Chinese are everywhere. A couple years ago there were only a handful of them - this is not the case anymore.

They’ve built that big building in the center that has illumination on it and looks like it’s made of gold.

Golded building in Phnom Penh

There’re many more projects going on. In addition to this, I’ve seen a drug store run by chinese in the center of Phon Pehn.

The capital and Siem Reap weren’t cheap for what they could offer a couple years ago. Now the capital is becoming even more expensive. For instance, the food is neither tasty, nor cheap.

One interesting thing: there’re plenty of Japanese expensive cars. The last models of Toyota Land Cruiser are popular and often seen on streets. At the same time, the rest of the people struggle to make a living.

[to be continued…]

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