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100% natural juices sold in grocery stores of Colombia

published at: 21 feb 2019
updated at: 22 feb 2019
dateline: cancún, mexico

For a long I time I’ve been wondering: are there natural juices that:

  • are be sold in groccery stores

  • are made out of fruits 100%. Not 90%. Not 95% and not 99%.

natual juice colombiano

  • don’t contain any hemicals whatsoever

  • aren’t produced by Coca-Cola or any other gigantic corporation. Why not? Because the sole purpose of such gigantic comprorations, more often than not, is to generate money, and more, whatever it takes. Producing natural products isn’t of their interest.

  • cost cheap

It’s turned out that yes. In Colombia they do exist.

natual juice colombiano 2

natual juice colombiano 3

Depending on the brand, the price of 1 litre will be around 1 USD.

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